• We satisfied various customer's needs and requirements by offer different range of containers, each designed to meet different needs. 

  • We help customer moving their goods as soon as they are ready rather than waiting until customer to have full container. 

  • We have own haulage teams to enabling rapid transport of customer's shipment within our region for any export shipment. 

  • We are specialized in bulky cargo transport, slinging, appointed installation or design and professional instruction of transport procedure.

  • We had co-operate with well trained, high efficiency and knowledgable customer brokerage provide customer a simplified and expedient customs clearance process to reduce cargo delays and cost associated.

  • We fullfill customer logistics needs by providing storage and distribution for all type of goods with different circumstances.

Xiamen Comaccord Logistics Co., Ltd. Xiamen surplus, as the fundamental integrity of the long-term development, with the growth with customers, and market the Concorde;
With professional ethics, to Chengyi of effort, sound operation, pioneering creation, self-transcendence, and sustainable improvement.
Our company specializes in the import and export cargo booking, Pai contained, agents, customs declaration, inspection, monitoring equipment and cargo handling, cargo handling, distribution, transport and distribution,
Services related to maritime, air and land transport. We are in the process of steady development, we have accumulated considerable experience, and shipping companies, airlines harmony and common prosperity, information accessibility;
Knowledge of port policy guidance and operational procedures, familiar with the customs laws and regulations, entry-exit inspection and quarantine.

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